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Low Impack Racerback Sports Bra (Pack of 4)

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Low Impack Racerback Sports Bra (Pack of 4)



Get Your Workout On

Looking for a sports bra that isnt an absolute nightmare to slip on? Relax, Just Intimates has got your back! Our low impact
sports bra pack gives you great support without having you writhe in pain with every movement. It features an elastic band at
the bottom and well-fitting cups to prevent the girls from bouncing about every time you hit the treadmill or go out dancing.
And with the comfortably-designed seams and skin-friendly poly spandex material, you wont experience any of the chaffing
and itching that plagues most sports bras.

Oh So Beautiful

Yeah, we all know that looking cute is half the reason we work out, and these exercise bras bring on the style in full force! Every
pack comes with a mix of colors and prints that are sure to suit any taste and get those compliments streaming in. Weve lightly
padded the cups to add a flattering symmetry to the whole look in addition to providing comfort that youll go nuts over; so
comfortable that youll forget youre even wearing anything.

Heres why youll love these sports bras:

- Provides great support for all low impact activities.

- Cleverly-designed seams to prevent chaffing during workouts.

- Skin-friendly poly spandex material that wicks away moisture.

- Well-sized bra straps that dont dig into your skin.

- Machine wash-safe without risk of losing shape.

Whether youre going to the gym or simply crave for extra support all day, these sports bras are certain to keep everything
in place and leave you feeling and looking amazing. Click Add to Cart now!


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