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Lace Trim Cotton Nightgown

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Lace Trim Cotton Nightgown



 Style Never Sleeps

When you feel beautiful while you slowly go to sleep, a refreshingly great day always follows. Just Love makes
sure that you experience the beauty each and every time you decide to wander off to the land of dreams. Our
beautifully printed selection of nightgowns offer the perfect blend of style and uniqueness. Available in a variety
of colors and prints, these are a perfect fit for your every mood. Our ageless designs will always make you feel pretty beneath the covers.

 Supreme Comfort

A restful nights sleep is hinged on comfort. That feeling of lightness, with the soft touch of smooth fabric all over
yourself, is a perfect lure to dreamland. Just Love nightgowns are flowy, loose fit and made from 100% soft cotton,
which allows a great deal of comfort. No more uncomfortable sweating. No more bunching up of material. Just
amazing nights, every night.

 Reasons to fall in love with Just Love nightgowns:

- Embroidered lace around the neck and choice of beautiful colors and prints.

- 100% soft cotton that is non-irritating and feels great on the skin.

- Completely machine washable without shrinking or bleeding color.

- Medium to XXL fit to suit all body shapes and sizes.

- Loose-fitting design provide extra comfort for a peaceful sleep.

Count on Just Loves nightgowns for comfort that is second to none and stylish design to complement any
evening or lounge session. Click Add to Cart now!


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