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Womens Underscrub Top

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Womens Underscrub Top



Work Better

Stay comfy as you work those long shifts. Move with freedom as you get the job done. Weve designed our long sleeve underscrub tees with one main thing in mind: uncompromising comfort. Made using a blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, these undershirts keep you cool all through, pamper your skin with enhanced softness, and allow you to move freely with a fitted design that never comes off as tight. Whether youre looking for a long sleeve tee to wear under your medical scrubs or nurses uniform, youll find the solid color to match.

Touch of Versatility

You dont have to be an awesome medic to rock this tee. Its perfect for anyone looking for a solid long-sleeve shirt that is as durable as it is comfortable. And there is so much you can do with it. Weather a bit chilly? Wear it as a breathable undershirt and stay toasty. Want to rock that stylish sweater thats also unbearably scratchy? Rock it underneath and sashay in comfort. Going for a chic and timeless look? Dress up the long-sleeve t-shirt with a statement neckpiece or throw on a scarf and step out in style.
Here are more reasons to love this tee:

- Comes in XS-3X to suit any size and shape.


- The snug fit creates a slim silhouette under clothes.


- Handles well in the wash without losing color or softness.


- Available in multiple colors to match any uniform.


- Made with great attention to detail for a clean, finished look.

Go ahead, get a long-sleeve undershirt that treats you to all-day comfort!


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