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Tie Dye Flag Caftan

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Tie Dye Flag Caftan



They're perfect if you love your country!

Not only are the tie dye patterns absolutely stunning, but they're also emblazoned with the America flag. If you've ever wanted the chance to display your patriotism while looking beautiful at the same time, now is your perfect chance.

Stay cool the entire time too!

There are a couple of huge reasons why it's the perfect summer attire. We've talked about the beautiful design, but we haven't mentioned it's also the top choice for letting your body heat escape instead of getting trapped between your dress and skin. The American flag cover ups are also so loose-fitting plenty of air will find its way inside, which also lets you wear it confidently no matter what body shape you are.

Do you want an American flag cover up dress that:

- Comes in two patterns each shining your flag in a positive light.

- Will be your first choice of clothing for important US events.

- Offers you so much freedom and comfort due to the baggy design.

- Helps you stay cool and dry at the same time on hot summer days.

- Has sizes ranging from s-3x to stop anyone missing out on the fun.

If you're looking for the perfect beach cover up dress, you won't find any better than one displaying the American flag. Click 'Add to Cart' now!


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