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Black Batik Sundress

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Black Batik Sundress



Comes with everything you'll ever need!

Deciding what to wear when it's simmering hot outside is not an easy task, but now you won't have anything to worry about.
It's crucial you can throw on a lightweight dress capable of letting the heat escape from your body, and you also want one
with the ability to keep most of your skin out of the sun. The sleeveless designs add a nice touch with
the unique batik patterns.

It will also make you look gorgeous too!
The batik method used for creating this beautiful summer dress is sure to turn heads, so you'll look at your very best while
feeling completely comfortable at the same time. Riviera Sun appreciates everyone has different tastes in style, so we've
tried to provide enough variety of patterns to suit your individual style. With our loose-fitting dresses ranging in sizes between S-3x,
you can also be sure you'll look stunning even if you have a curvy body shape.

Do you want a batik cover up dress that:

- Is perfect for the beach but also casual enough for sitting in restaurants.

- Protects you from the sun while keeping you feeling cool and refreshed.

- Will fit you perfectly even though you might have a curvy figure.

- Shows off just enough skin so you're not totally covered up.

- Is an amazing piece of clothing for wearing when you've stepped out of the water.

You might have been envious seeing other women throwing these kinds of summer dresses on in the past, so now it's
your turn to buy the best one of them all. Click 'Add to Cart' now!


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